Amsterdam – International Conference on Social Science & Humanities (ICSSH), 19-20 April 2022

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Amsterdam – International Conference on Social Science & Humanities (ICSSH), 19-20 April 2022

Conference Name: Amsterdam – International Conference on Social Science & Humanities (ICSSH), 19-20 April 2022

Registrations for Online LIVE Conference on Zoom Meeting Also Open

Conference Dates: 19-20 April 2022

Conference Venue: NH Hotel Amsterdam-Zuid, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Tentative)

Deadline for Abstract/Paper Submissions: 15 March 2022

Contact E-Mail ID:

Organizing Scholarly Association: Social Science & Humanities Research Association (SSHRA)

SSHRA List of Members: Click Here

SSHRA President: Associate Prof. Marek Matejun, Department of Entrepreneurship and Industrial Policy, Faculty of Management, University of Lodz, Poland

Conference Language: English

Conference Themes: Social Sciences & Humanities

Conference Application Form: Click Here

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(Vernacular Session, e.g., European Languages, Arabic, Bahasa, Thai, Chinese, Turkish, Japanese, Russian, will be organized for a minimum of 5 or more participants of a particular language)

(Only English language, full-length, original papers will be considered for publication in conference journals)



Online LIVE International Conference, 2nd September 2020

Theme: Social Science & Humanities

Online LIVE International Conference, 11th August 2020

Theme: Social Science & Humanities



Albert R. Zhou

Professor, Language and Intercultural Communication Studies, Department of Global Communication, Faculty of Global Studies, Musashino University, Japan

Topic: Negotiating the Meaning of Language and Identity amidst Linguistic/cultural Multiplicity: Narratives from a Multicultural Classroom Community

Albert R. Zhou is currently a professor of language and intercultural communication studies in the Department of Global Communication, Faculty of Global Studies, Musashino University, Japan. He lectures and researches the language dimension of intercultural communication with a focus on language, identity, and interculturality. His research interests in recent years include identity construction/reconstruction in multilingual/multicultural classroom settings, identity formation, and language management among immigrant children in Japan, the language in intercultural movements among Chinese, Japanese and English, and second language identity in study abroad experiences.

Profile web link:        



Seetha Sagaran

Personal Development Trainer | Lifestyle Consultant | Motivational Speaker

Topic: Enhancing Self-Motivation for Personal and Professional Progress

Seetha Sagaran is a Personal Development Trainer, Lifestyle Consultant and Motivational Speaker with a background in English, Psychology, Counselling (including Crisis & Trauma Counselling, (U.K), Hypnotherapy, Metaphor Therapy and Teaching Children with Special Needs (U.K). She is also a Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) from The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (U.S.A). A member of Toastmasters International (U.S.A) for the last 15 years, she is also a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). A recipient of Global Training & Development Leadership Award – 2017, Exceptional Women of Excellence Award – 2020, she specializes in 1) Workplace Management Training Programs – some of the Workshops in this series are Positive Psychology in the Workplace, Effective Communication, Customer Care and You. 2) Personal Development Training Programs – some of the Workshops in this series are Public Speaking, Stress Management, and Art of Self-Motivation. 3) Career Development Training Programs – some of the Workshops in this series are Creative Problem Solving, Time Management & Negotiation Skills, and Assertiveness & Self Confidence. Her philosophy for wellbeing can be summarized as Individual Excellence, Personal and Professional Enhancement of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Happier Living.  Her forte lies in presenting creative Training Programs/ Workshops that have an emphasis on the principles of Psychology, Counselling, Creativity, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), and Hypnotherapy.  She is also an Honorary Life Member of ALL Ladies League (ALL), a worldwide networking body with over 150,000 women members worldwide across 1200+ chapters in 150 nations (associated with Women Economic Forum (WEF), India.

Seetha is a co-author of the motivational book, “Your Dose of Motivation”. In the book, she shares some of the lessons from her life and attempted to simplify the concept of self-motivation. The role of Self-motivation is further elaborated through personal anecdotes and its importance in our lives and how it helps us to help others grow too in the process.

The details of the book are provided below-

The key focus of her unique training workshops and programs is on individual development through interactive learning and mutual empowerment. She has conducted Corporate, Educational, and Social Service & Welfare Training Workshops/Motivational Sessions in U.A.E, India, Seychelles, Canada, and the UK. She has also attended conferences in the U.A.E, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, and Italy as a Keynote/Motivational Speaker.



Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, the conference will be conducted online on Zoom

Dear Colleagues,

In view of the escalating novel coronavirus outbreak, and as a matter of safety and precaution, it would be wise to adopt an alternative model than to physically meet and organize a conference.

Eurasia Research invites scientists, academicians, young researchers, Business delegates and students from all over the world to attend the online conference live on Zoom Meeting.

The researchers can now participate in the international conference from their homes.

The fee to participate in an online conference is USD 158.

The full process of submission has been listed below:

All the participants should upload their presentations on YouTube and send us the link. The conference Meeting ID on Zoom and the detailed schedule will be shared with the registered participants.

The video can be divided into the following parts:

• Introduction – Personal introduction and the title of the research.
• Explaining the research issue, methodology, and results of the paper.
• Conclusion

This video should be of 8- 12 minutes and you should be made available to us as per the given schedule. You may refer to this link to create a video from your Powerpoint presentation:


Benefits of the online conference:

• Networking Experience: You can interact with intellectuals from across the globe. Your work will be shared with thousands of researchers around the world which are part of the Eurasia Research network.
• Certification: Participants will be provided with a certificate of attendance and receipt of payment through email.
• Publication: All accepted original research papers in the English Language, will be published in conference journals if the author follows editorial instructions/ guidelines.
• Safe: Stay home and stay safe.


AGENDA (Timings in GMT)

Keynote Speech: 6:30 AM to 7:10 AM

Technical Session 1: 7:10 AM to 8:10 AM

Technical Session 2: 8:10 AM to 9:00 AM

Technical Session 3: 9:00 AM to 9:30 AM

Presentations/papers are invited for all the sessions. Please submit your application as soon as possible

Registration Fees: USD 158

We’re looking forward to an excellent meeting with great researchers around the world and sharing new and exciting research ideas.


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